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The Diamond Vault started out in the wholesale diamond industry and expanded its operation to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to the public with wholesale pricing while never neglecting a focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are direct diamond importers and also provide an array of services that include custom design, jewelry repair, watch repair and appraisal services.
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Diamond Facts, Tips, and Guides

The Diamond Vault considers diamond knowledge an integral part of your purchase. From the 4 Cs to diamond insurance and appraisals, we leave no topic unexplored. We invite you to read, learn, and become a diamond expert with the our help.

Diamond Ring

We’ve gone to great lengths to make selecting your diamond as easy as possible. Whether you are shopping for diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, or custom design jewelry, the guides below will help you pick:

  • Color: Insights into an international color grading system, and the letter designations from colorless to grades of yellowness.
  • Cut: Learn about brilliance, scintillation, and fire, plus diamond anatomy, proportion, symmetry, and polish.
  • Shape: A diamond manufacturer can craft 10 shapes—round, princess, emerald, Asscher, oval, marquise, radiant, heart, pear, and cushion.
  • Clarity: Each diamond has a unique array of inclusions and blemishes, created when it was formed—learn more about these in our Clarity Guide.
  • Carat Weight: Learn about what a carat is, how it affects size/price, and how to pick the ideal carat weight from your local jewelry store.
Diamond Facts, Tips, and Guides


Our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ offers even more educational resources for those looking for diamond rings, diamond pendants, and other wholesale jewelry. If you are in the market for wholesale diamonds, use our Certification Guide to understand what a Diamond Grading Report is and what it details. In the Advanced Features Guide, learn about depth percentage, polish, table percentage, symmetry, and fluorescence.

Once you purchase from a certified diamond jewelry store, it’s up to you how the stone holds up. The Diamond Care Guide explains how to protect, clean, and insure your diamond so it retains its beauty. Our guides include even more insights about a diamond manufacturer that sells conflict-free diamonds, and it explains the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

We hope these resources clear things up as you shop for diamond jewelry from a leading diamond ring manufacturer.

Color Guide Color Guide

Learn about the diamond industry's internationally accepted color grading system and know what to look for when shopping for your next diamond.

Shape Guide Shape Guide

Discover the history behind today's most mesmerizing diamond shapes, and find out what makes each shape uniquely striking

Clarity Guide Clarity Guide

Make sense of terms such as "Inclusions" and "Blemishes", and understand why every diamond is as unique as a human fingerprint.

Cut Guide Cut Guide

Commonly considered a diamond's most significant characteristic, a diamond's cut affects its overall sparkle.

Carat Weight Guide Carat Weight Guide

Discover the history, common misconceptions, and calculated science behind a diamond's carat weight.

Certification Guide Certification Guide

Understand the purpose behind a Diamond Grading Report.

Diamond Care Guide Diamond Care Guide

Now that you've invested in your extraordinary diamond, learn how to properly protect, store and clean your stone.

Advanced Features Guide Advanced Features Guide

Deepen your diamond knowledge by getting to know the more subtle and lesser known qualities of the world's most radiant stone.

Conflict Diamonds Guide Conflict Diamonds Guide

Read about The Kimberly Process, and the international effort to eradicate conflict diamonds.