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Engagement Ring Resizing: Things to Know and Tips from the Experts


Your partner carefully chose the perfect engagement ring—maybe after you dropped a few subtle hints about your favorite style. Yet, even if your significant other knew your ring size when they purchased your engagement ring, it still may not fit quite right.

bride wearing a resized engagement ring

Maybe it’s hard to get past your knuckle or it slides around too much. Or maybe your engagement ring was perfect at first, but you’ve gained or lost weight since then. 

Whatever your situation, if your otherwise perfect ring is a little ill-fitting, it’s time for a trip to your local Scottsdale jeweler. The good news is that engagement ring resizing is common, and the process is usually pretty simple—with some exceptions. Keep reading to learn about resizing.

First things first: how is a ring supposed to fit?

Your engagement ring (and wedding band) should be snug, but not tight. It should slide on easily but take a little tugging to get off. If it slides right off your finger with no resistance, it’s too big and needs to be resized. Or, if it’s so tight it cuts into your finger and is very hard to get off, it should be resized.

How does resizing work?

To make a ring smaller, the jeweler cuts out a piece of the band, solders it back to together, and cleans and polishes it. It takes skill to hide any evidence that the ring was ever cut, but experienced jewelers do it well.

Once a ring is resized, it will look the same as before but fit more snugly. Ask your jeweler if you can keep the metal they cut out (the “cutout”) in case you need to size up the ring in the future.

Making a ring larger is trickier. The jeweler must “stretch” the metal to make it up to a half size larger. If you need more than a half size, the jeweler will cut the band, insert a piece of matching material, then solder, clean, and polish the ring. If your ring has channel settings (meaning stones embedded into a grooved channel on the band), the jeweler might need to rearrange the stones to make sure they’re properly aligned after resizing.

How much smaller or larger can a jeweler make my ring?

Jewelers can usually resize a ring up to two sizes smaller or larger. Any more than that puts too much stress on the ring.

Which metals can be resized?

Certain precious metals are easier to resize because of their malleability and composition. These include:

  • Yellow gold: One of the easiest and least expensive metals to resize, depending on current gold prices.
  • Sterling silver: Easy and inexpensive to resize.
  • White gold: Moderately easy to resize, but requires refinishing and replating with rhodium, which is what gives white gold its color.
  • Platinum: Requires more work and special tools to resize due to its high melting point.

Which metals can’t be resized?

Some metals are not conducive to resizing. They include:

  • Rose gold: Can’t be resized because it can crack during the process. It’s also hard to find a perfect match (for sizing a ring up) because rose gold is a metal alloy.
  • Tungsten: Too dense and hard to resize. Cutting the ring would likely cause the metal to crack.
  • Titanium: Skilled jewelers can resize titanium, but it’s a very difficult metal to work with because it’s extremely hard.
  • Eternity bands: Since eternity rings have gemstones around the entire band, there is typically very little bare metal to work with, so it can be difficult or impossible to resize them.
  • Rings with tension settings: Rings that feature a center gemstone held in place with pressure rather than prongs or another mounting usually can’t be resized; doing so can change the tensile strength or cause the center gemstone to be misaligned.

jeweler removing diamond from mount

Are there other options aside from resizing?

If your ring slips a little from side to side but otherwise fits well, your jeweler may be able to modify it without resizing it. There are several options:

  • Sizing beads: These small metal beads are placed on the inside of the band and help your ring fit more snugly. They also help the ring sit upright on your finger.
  • Spring insert: This small, horseshoe-shaped band of metal is placed on the inside of the band. It springs open and closed to help you get the ring past your knuckle.
  • Sizing bar: This is a u-shaped bar your jeweler solders in place across the bottom part of the ring inside the band. There’s a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. You open the latch (which swings out) to put the ring on and swing it shut to hold it in place.

Another option is to simply wear a smaller ring (perhaps your wedding ring, when the time comes) to keep your engagement ring in place.

How much does it cost to get a ring resized?

It depends on several factors, including the type and amount of metal, how many sizes up or down it needs to move, and the number of changes to the ring’s design. It usually costs less to size a ring down, since no material needs to be added. Thicker rings require more materials than thinner ones, so they can be more expensive to be sized up. If the jeweler has to adjust gemstones during the resizing process, this will add to the expense.

It can cost anywhere from $20 for a very simple resizing to $150 for a more complicated resizing—but this is far less than replacing a lost ring or one that has to be cut off your finger.  Even if your ring is insured, you can never replace the original.


fiancé placing resized engagement ring on finger

Should I get my ring resized?

If you just got engaged, wear your ring for a few days to determine if it’s too big or small. If it’s so large it slides right off your finger, don’t take any risks. Bring it to a professional jeweler right away to get resized. You don’t want to risk losing your precious new showpiece!

Keep in mind that your finger width can fluctuate throughout the day and in different seasons. Your ring will fit more snugly in the summer when your fingers swell or when you’re exercising. It will fit more loosely when during the cold fall and winter seasons. Jewelers don’t recommend getting your ring resized while you’re pregnant, since your finger size may change substantially during this time and for some time after you deliver.

Consult with an Expert Jeweler

Ring resizing is a delicate process that requires skill. You don’t want just anyone working on your engagement ring. Choose a professional jeweler with roots in the community and great reviews.

The expert jewelers at The Diamond Vault skillfully work with all kinds of metals, settings, and gemstones. We’ll make your ring fit perfectly and ensure no detail is overlooked. If you’re still on the hunt for a ring, we’ll help you build your own engagement ring your significant other will love.