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The Meaning Behind Shapes and Colors of Diamonds


You probably know that diamonds are second only to gold in value, but did you know that differently colored and shaped diamonds have special meanings? If you are deciding on an engagement or wedding ring, or just adding something sparkly to your wardrobe, get to know more about what each color and type of diamond represents.

Diamond Colors

Learn the significance of each color diamond to help you decide on your favorite.

  • White or colorless diamonds remain the most popular choice to celebrate life’s big occasions, even though they are rarer than colored diamonds. Diamonds that contain color are known as fancy diamonds.
  • Yellow or canary diamonds come in a range of lighter to darker shades.
  • Pink diamonds are the most expensive, and rarest, of the fancy colored diamonds, symbols of beauty, romance, and fun.
  • Blue diamonds are only a little less rare than the pinks, representing passion, action, and energy.
  • Champagne diamonds are from a range of popular brown shades.
  • Green diamonds are an exotic choice, symbolizing growth and nature, though their color comes from exposure to radioactive materials.
  • Gray diamonds are an elegant choice, adaptable to any wardrobe.

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds may be cut and faceted in a variety of shapes, and your choice could reveal surprising things about your personality and tastes. See if any of these traits fit you:

  • Round diamonds for traditional romance
  • Pear shaped diamonds for the strong individual
  • Radiant shape for trendy, flirty types
  • Princess shape for the bold woman
  • Oval shape for creative individuals
  • Heart shape for adventurous women
  • Asscher shape (originally designed for King Edward VII) for vintage and luxury
  • Marquise shape for a flashy type
The Meaning Behind Shapes and Colors of Diamonds

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