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The Diamond Vault started out in the wholesale diamond industry and expanded its operation to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to the public with wholesale pricing while never neglecting a focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are direct diamond importers and also provide an array of services that include custom design, jewelry repair, watch repair and appraisal services.
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Choose a Diamond as Unique and Multifaceted as You Are

When it comes to the definitive “4 Cs”—cut, color, clarity, and carat—The Diamond Vault lavishes you with choices. Use our online selector below to discover the diamond that perfectly matches your preferences. In addition to diamond grading, you can also set your diamond price range. Remember, at The Diamond Vault, every jewel in our collection is offered to you at wholesale diamond prices!

Exploring the Possibilities of Your Diamond

Not sure how the various diamond color grades, inclusions, and other terms influence the appearance and quality of your diamond? Worry not. As you click through the various options, the results will provide you with a detailed explanation of each of these terms and attributes and how they work together to produce exquisite diamond jewelry. You can then make further adjustments to suit your style and budget and add favorite rings to your wish list as you learn more about everything that goes into the jeweler’s art.

We offer diamonds featuring nearly a dozen different classic diamond cuts, including:

  • Cushion cut diamond: Prized for more than two centuries, the cushion cut diamond combines square cutting and rounded corners to ingenious effect, creating a distinctive light pattern. Today’s innovations are designed to bring out the brilliance of the diamond while preserving the appeal of their antique style.
  • Emerald cut diamond: Designed to maximize brilliance, the emerald cut is considered to be the ideal combination of symmetry, proportion, and polish. While many people associate the emerald cut with one particular shape, rectangular, keep in mind that the emerald cut can also be applied to other diamond shapes.
  • Princess cut diamond: Generally square or rectangular in shape, the princess cut diamond is among the most popular choices in the world for engagement rings. Despite the Old World name, this magnificent cut is actually just over half a century old.

We also offer many other creative works of fine craftsmanship that will bring out the luminosity of your diamond, from the Asscher cut, an eight-sided design that plays with the proportions of length and width to beautifully reflect more light, to the rounded brilliant, a shape and cut prized by fans of both classic and contemporary jewelry.

Be sure to ask us about loose diamonds, which offer many advantages over preset stones. For example, a loose diamond allows you to view the stone in its entirety. It also makes for a truly custom experience, as you consider the kind of setting that will show it off. For those who prefer a more personalized choice, we have loose diamonds for sale.

At The Diamond Vault, we want you to love your ring. Just as two people take time to get to know one another, we encourage you to take the time to get to know diamonds and precious metal by exploring all of our online education resources. As master jewelers who conduct direct diamond importing and manufacturing, we work only with certified diamonds and specialize in jewels of between one and ten carats. Contact us with questions about our collection or to learn about our flexible finance options. You can also browse through our website to buy diamonds or to learn more about how to choose a diamond.