The Diamond Vault

The Diamond Vault started out in the wholesale diamond industry and expanded its operation to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to the public with wholesale pricing while never neglecting a focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are direct diamond importers and also provide an array of services that include custom design, jewelry repair, watch repair and appraisal services.
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Choosing the Perfect Precious Metals

Your custom design jewelry may incorporate gold, platinum, or palladium. A custom setting for your diamond or gemstone will enhance the sparkle or color intensity by properly illuminating the cut of the stone. Some fine jewelry designs may feature one or more of these metals to create a truly unique treasure.

At The Diamond Vault, we offer more than most certified diamond jewelry stores. Our wide selection of conflict-free diamonds and heirloom-quality gemstones may be paired with any shade of glistening gold, shining platinum, or glowing palladium, creating endless custom design possibilities.

Your Precious Metal Guides

Our comprehensive precious metals guides will provide a deeper understanding of the characteristics and rarity of these setting options. Investigate with the links below or stop by our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ to see these beautiful fine jewelry metals for yourself.


Gold Guide Gold Guide

We invite you to take a closer look at this most traditional and universally recognized precious metal. Gold comes in a variety of shades to match existing pieces or enhance the color of gemstones. Learn here about the purity system and why gold is alloyed with other metals.

Platinum Guide Platinum Guide

Discover why platinum jewelry has surged in popularity and take a detailed look at platinum's distinctive qualities. Platinum is durable and hypoallergenic, and it glows with a silver-white luster. It may be the perfect choice for a custom design intended for daily wear. Find out why here.

Palladium Guide Palladium Guide

Uncover the secrets of this alluring precious metal and learn why it has become a popular choice for unique jewelry designs. Palladium is often used to create white gold, but it is also a bright alternative in its pure form. It is lighter than platinum and more durable than gold. Explore the mysteries of palladium here.