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The Diamond Vault started out in the wholesale diamond industry and expanded its operation to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to the public with wholesale pricing while never neglecting a focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are direct diamond importers and also provide an array of services that include custom design, jewelry repair, watch repair and appraisal services.
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The 4 C's Diamond Infographic


You hear about them all of the time when shopping for jewelry, but what exactly are the 4 C's? You know that they are important in the diamond business, but can't you just stick to the old adage that expensive means better? Of course not. By knowing the 4 C's and how they affect a diamond, you'll be able to pick out the perfect piece of jewelry the next time you're buying.

  • Color - Diamonds occur in a variety of colors, with colorless or "white" diamonds being the most rare. If a diamond is colored (red, black, yellow, etc.) it is graded on its intensity and rarity of color.
  • Clarity - Clarity refers to the diamond's state of being clear or transparent. Most diamonds will have impurities or inclusions inside the stone, with more inclusions leading to lower prices.
  • Cut - This refers to how well a diamond's facets interact with light, as well as its overall shape and finish. The precision and expertise of the cut greatly affects the stone's quality.
  • Carat - The diamond's carat is how much it weighs (1 carat = 0.007 ounces). More carats mean bigger diamonds and higher prices, but the difference between a 1.9-carat diamond and a 2.1-carat diamond is not very noticeable and can save you money.
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