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How to Plan a Wedding


Like stacking the layers of a wedding cake, a successful wedding is carefully constructed in the months and weeks leading up to the most important day of your life. You'll want to be super-organized because there are lots of decisions to be made along the way. Give yourself the gift of time by starting early, especially when shopping for the perfect place for your wedding. By starting early, you will have more choices for dates and venues.

Although you will wear your wedding dress only once, you will wear your ring every day for the rest of your life. A lot goes into a wedding, but the ring is central to the ceremony and bond between a married couple. The marriage isn’t considered complete until the ring is placed on the finger.

What Does a Ring Represent?

When you shop engagement rings or bridal style rings, consider what the wedding ring represents—eternal love. A traditional part of weddings, engagement wedding bands and rings remain as strong a tradition today as they have since ancient Egyptian times. They symbolize love and devotion between two people as much as they always have.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Rings are more than about bridal style. They represent the circle, a symbol of infinity, and a couple’s love for one another. Wearing bridal style rings on the fourth finger of the left hand has historical significance, as it was once believed a vein there directly leads to the heart. Nevertheless, this tradition isn’t held everywhere—in some parts of Europe, wearers choose to put a wedding ring on their right hand.

Diamonds are used because of their enduring strength, not to mention beauty. While metal type once represented societal class, today there are many options based on style and preference, while personalized engravings enhance the meaning of a custom design ring.

Nowadays, you can select from a wide array of choices from a diamond manufacturer. Custom design jewelry lets you not only stick with traditions, but, for those getting married, to make new ones of their own. There’s more than meets the eye when you work with a top certified diamond jewelry store.

Take some time to educate yourself about the many modern choices in wedding rings for both women and women, from colored diamonds to custom one-of-a-kind designs, offered by our jewelry store in Scottsdale, AZ.

From the invitations to the photographer, to the honeymoon, you've got a lot of planning to do! You may even want to get some help from a professional planner. Check out the infographic below for some engaging facts and ideas for planning your wedding.


Presentation Diamond

From the guest list to gift registry, get your step-by-step checklist for wedding planning and learn a few fun facts along the way at


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