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How to Care for Your Diamond, Gold, and Pearl Jewelry


The jewelry you really treasure is more than a sparkly combination of diamonds, metals, and gemstones. Each piece has personal meaning, and often a rich history attached to it. After all, you wear it close to your heart and your hands.  

Taking time to care for your jewelry, whether heirloom or cutting edge, is easy, and can provide a relaxing routine when you know a few simple tricks.

1. Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

Dispense with costly jewelry cleaners (save the money for your next little bauble), and instead learn some tried and true methods using common household products. Different gems and materials require different cleaning products to avoid causing damage or undue wear, so follow these ideas and watch as dull jewelry begins to dazzle like new.


Even when grimy and neglected, diamonds do sparkle. You might assume that engagement rings or diamond stud earrings are as bright as the first day you saw them—when it was love at first sight. Over time and with use, stones can become dulled, and the settings collect dirt.

Diamonds may be tough, but your soft, silver settings are susceptible to scratching and tarnish. Following the best advice of jewelry professionals, give diamond rings the treatment by soaking briefly in warm, soapy water, and then use a soft, old toothbrush to clean. Rinse and pat them dry with a very soft cloth.1

Even though pearls are soft and delicate, they can be gently washed from time to time. Soak them for under 30 seconds in cool, soapy water, and be sure to use a delicate liquid soap. Rinse in cool water, pat dry with the softest cotton cloth, then dry them flat before storing.

Keep pearls away from cosmetics and chemicals found in lotions and sprays. Pearls are happiest when you take them out and show them off, as the body’s natural oils are the best way to keep them polished and shining.1


Over time and with frequent use, gold jewelry develops a film that dulls its look and may even lead to tarnish. Cleaning house, bathing, or showering with your gold jewelry on is not a good idea, as soaps and harsh chemicals—like chlorine—will add to the film. Nix on wearing gold jewelry in the pool or hot tub, as the damage done may be irreversible.

Find all the products you need right at home, with mild dish soap and some household ammonia. Start with the now-familiar soak in a little soapy water, and add a few drops of ammonia to remove tarnish. Scrub gently with a soft-bristle brush, rinse in lukewarm water and drain to dry.1


You may be surprised to learn that silver is a bit more delicate than gold, at least when it comes to caring for it. On the other hand, you won’t be surprised to hear that silver tarnishes easily (there are ways to control tarnish—see Chapter 3, Storing Valuable Jewelry for ideas). Clean your diamond rings in silver settings as described above, but keep a few special tips in mind for best results.

Some sources suggest toothpaste as an effective cleaner for diamonds, but it should not be used on silver, as it can be too abrasive. The usual mild, soapy water is fine, but instead of soaking silver in the water (which builds tarnish), soak a soft cotton cloth in it and use it to wipe jewelry. Remove tarnish by making your own paste, mixing three parts baking soda with one part water. Apply it to polish wet silver, and then rinse off and pat dry.2 Keep silver away from corrosive chemicals found in cosmetics and sprays, as they can damage silver alloys.   

2. Professional Maintenance

Your finest jewelry deserves the best, and that includes occasional professional attention. Maintain long life and beauty for your rings and other stones in various settings by having them inspected every few years. A jeweler or repair specialist will check to see that nothing is loose or damaged. They’ll also notice if clasps and closures are working properly, to avoid losing a valuable piece.

Pearls should be checked and even restrung after several years of frequent wear. A knowledgeable professional will look to ensure that knots between each pearl are in place and not in danger of breaking.3

3. Storing Valuable Jewelry

The way you store your valuable jewelry is every bit as important as cleaning it, if you want to preserve its beauty and extend its life. Avoid the “pirate’s treasure box” approach of piling up everything in one container, and give each piece its own special place.

Keep in mind that hard diamonds can cut and scratch other, more delicate materials. If you need additional storage space, check online sources or have fun shopping antique stores for a well-preserved jewelry box that you can adapt to expand capacity.

Here are some specifics to keep in mind when deciding how to arrange and store your favorite jewels.

  • Separate gold from silver to avoid spreading tarnish, and store in special tarnish cloth. Silver is often sold in customized protective tarnish cloth covers, or in presentation boxes that are the ideal storage unit.
  • You can make your own simple covers with tarnish cloth purchased online or at your local fabric shop.
  • Think of your pearls as delicate and prone to sunburn. In fact, prolonged exposure to sun can bleach them. Pearls can even be scratched by microscopic crystals in everyday dust. Satin lining is ideal for storing pearls, to protect their delicate surface.
  • The Sun is hard on many gemstones as well. Keep stones like topaz and amethyst, or pink conch-shell cameos away from fading and damage due to sun exposure.3
  • Gems are best kept away from extremes of heat and cold. Gemological Grading Services (GGS) recommends removing fine jewelry when cooking (extreme heat), and removing rings before gardening or cleaning. They warn that where you place your ring is key to avoiding the heartbreak of a lost heirloom or a wedding ring gobbled up in the sink disposal. There is an exception to every rule, and GGS tells us never to remove jewelry when away from home, to avoid having it end up in a restaurant’s lost and found box.

Put some of these tips and tricks to use with your own personal treasures and see the shining results. You’ll enjoy the great satisfaction of knowing that you’re preserving them for generations to come.

How To Care For Your Jewelry


How To Care For Your Jewelry