The Diamond Vault

The Diamond Vault started out in the wholesale diamond industry and expanded its operation to sell diamonds and diamond jewelry directly to the public with wholesale pricing while never neglecting a focus on providing outstanding customer service. We are direct diamond importers and also provide an array of services that include custom design, jewelry repair, watch repair and appraisal services.
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The Designer Collection: Custom Jewelry in Scottsdale, AZ

The Diamond Vault is committed to providing custom design jewelry that meets each individual customer’s and couple’s needs. We offer many exquisite collections, but our Designer Collection is among the most popular. You will receive help creating the custom necklace, earrings, pendant, or bracelet that can be refined by our qualified and experienced custom jewelry maker.

custom diamond earrings

Custom jewelry is unique and personal. While off-the-shelf jewelry includes beautiful designs and stones, it only appeals to a wide audience. We offer an opportunity to choose options that are meaningful to you, at the best value, or which provide the perfect gift. Plus, you only pay for materials and labor.

Every piece is one of a kind. Custom jewelry stores like The Diamond Vault have your budget and favorite stone, color, shape, and design in mind. That being said, you can depend on our experienced designers to exceed your expectations in custom design jewelry with:

  • Custom Rings: Say “I love you” with a custom engagement ring from the Designer Collection. Learn more about it here.

  • Custom Necklaces: A necklace can be paired with any kind of attire, from casual to upscale, so why not order a custom-made necklace that matches your favorite look? Choose the side stone shape, setting, count, weight, and dimensions you want or from a range of basic designs and themes.

  • Custom Earrings: We offer a nearly limitless selection of gems, cuts, and colors to produce the most stunning earrings. Our custom diamond earrings can be paired with gold and are available in many styles. Professional jewelers can craft the perfect set for any occasion.

  • Custom Pendants: If you’re drawn to the glitter and charm of a pendant, our custom-made pendants come with infinite possibilities. We offer more than 900 designs. Diamonds and gemstones are available in many cuts and clarities to guarantee the most genuine custom jewelry online.

  • Custom Bracelets: A bracelet can be worn or given at any occasion. You may request a diamond bracelet or one with the gemstone of your choice for a bold personal or fashion statement. As with our other custom design jewelry in Scottsdale, AZ, many choices are available.

Common Metals

We produce custom jewelry using the most commonly requested metals. These include:

  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Learn more by visiting our metals guide.

custom diamond necklace

Diamond Types

Custom diamond jewelry can feature round, princess, emerald, oval, marquise, radiant, heart, pear, and cushion cut stones. The Asscher diamond, a more dramatically cut version of an emerald-shaped diamond with a square shape and larger step facets, is also available. For more in-depth information on choosing the right stone, visit our diamond guide.

Diamonds aren’t the only stones we sell. You can also choose from a variety of exquisite stones that includes blue topaz, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, peridot, and pink tourmaline. We also offer garnet, iolite, tanzanite, and rhodolite.

Get the Process Started

Ordering custom jewelry near you is easy. Submit your design or describe it in detail, and we’ll provide a no-obligation quote. If you accept, then we’ll create a 3D model. Approve the design, and we’ll proceed with casting your custom-designed jewelry. Our jewelers can personalize any type of jewelry in stock.

Visit our custom design process page to learn more, submit your design, and receive a free quote.