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Best Seasons to Get Married In


Whether you’re planning to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage or already have, there’s no doubt that you’re thinking about the perfect time of the year to get married. Depending on where you live, there could be many ideal months. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the best date for the both of you, as well as a new engagement ring.


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Discuss and Dream

You and your lover may have discussed getting married in the past. If this is the case, try to recall that conversation. Did either of you indicate a preferred season for a wedding? Perhaps you each love different seasons. Whatever the case, compromise is key. For example, if you’d love a spring wedding and they prefer the fall, having the ceremony in one season and including elements of the other season in your wedding decorations can be a great solution.

Another fun way to pick the perfect season is to dream big. If you could go anywhere and had the unlimited funds to have any size of wedding at any time of year, what would that look like? Thinking about your wedding in this way can reveal those elements that are most important to you.

General Considerations

Before you think about a particular season, it can be a good idea to consider those general aspects which can affect your wedding. Of course, the biggest of these will be the weather. Now, everyone knows that sometimes even the weather person can’t predict the weather, but there are certain months which may be better in terms of temperature and precipitation.

Holidays are another aspect of wedding planning to consider. A Christmas or Valentine’s Day wedding can be a magical affair, but some elements of these holidays can also make it a very costly one, and it may not be the best time of year to get married.

That being said, considering a time of year that has meaning for you both can make it that much more memorable. For example, the month you said “I love you” or when a cherished loved one was married can both make great dates for a wedding.

Each Season Is Different

If you’ve considered the above and still aren’t sure when the best time is to get married, thinking about each season and its ups and downs can be a great starting point to decide on a date.

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Oh, how we love spring with its blooming flowers, singing birds, and warmer days! What could be a more perfect time to start your life’s journey together? Spring is one of the most popular times for a wedding for these reasons. As such, wedding costs tend to increase in this season, but you can avoid them if you choose a date in early spring, when venues and wedding supply companies aren’t yet in peak demand.

Weather-wise, early spring can be tricky. Cooler temperatures and unpredictable precipitation as the seasons shift may make an indoor wedding more favorable at this time. If you have your hearts set on an outdoor event, choosing a date in early April might be a better option.

With colored stones being one of the hottest engagement and wedding ring trends for 2019, perfect fit bridal rings can be a rainbow of diamonds. Or, you can choose a green diamond to symbolize this season of union and renewal.


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Summer’s longer days and warm and steamy nights can mean a wedding with lots of options for romance and late-night celebrations. The months of summer are number one on the list of popular seasons for weddings. However, because they’re also prime holiday time, you’ll want to ensure you get those invitations out well in advance so your guests can plan around the date.

Summer offers plenty of flexibility in terms of wedding times. Those longer days can offer the option of a wedding in the late afternoon, which can make for gorgeous wedding pictures at sunset. You’ll also want to be aware that choosing a summer wedding means planning other aspects, such as venue, entertainment, and food well in advance as well.

Of course, this season has most people running for the air conditioning, which can make an indoor ceremony the best option. At the same time, if your wedding is held in the shade of the trees, or under a light and airy canopy, no one will have to feel like they need to beat the heat.

Brilliant yellow gold is definitely on point this year, especially when paired with a stone that beautifully contrasts the setting, such as a blue diamond.


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The mysteries of nature reveal themselves in fall’s changing colors. If you imagine a wedding among fall’s vermilion reds, earthy browns, and muted yellows and oranges, this just might be an absolutely perfect time to celebrate your love. This ethereal season is lower on the list of popular wedding months, which can be great news for your pocketbook, as venue and supplier demand wanes.

An outdoor wedding in September can offer the best temperatures, beautiful skies, and amazing lighting that make for memorable wedding ceremonies and pictures. October and November can also be ideal for your ceremony, albeit much cooler. However, thanks to modern technology, you can rent outdoor heaters to keep guests comfortable if the festivities will be held outside.

Just like its fruit counterpart, the pear-shaped diamond is definitely in season for fall. It’s also in step with one of the hottest ring ideas for 2019—the asymmetrical band.


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Many creatures return to their homes for the long winter’s sleep. This season is also a time of reflection on the past successful harvest and planning for future bounty. A lot of couples choose winter weddings for the meaning of the season and also for the abundance of sparkle that nature brings in the form of ice and snow.

Any winter month can be ideal for weddings, but because so many are preparing for the holidays in December, January and February may be more ideal for the two of you. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about cold temperatures, but you have the option for oh-so-romantic pictures in a magical, snow-covered setting when you wed in winter.

A short outdoor ceremony can be absolutely lovely. Indoors, your guests can enjoy a warm and cozy celebration with you and your love, complete with hot beverages and delicious comfort foods.

If you’re looking to save the most money on wedding costs, December may be the month to avoid. On the other hand, if everyone can make it, a Christmas wedding can be memorable and lots of fun for everyone.

Stacked rings in white gold and diamond are a perfect way to celebrate a wedding at 2019’s end. A stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones can recall a winter snowflake, as well as give the center diamond a perceived size boost.

Your Love Is Special

The two of you are unique and your bond is unbreakable. Only you can know what is the best season to get married. No matter when your wedding happens, you want it to be memorable. After all, your engagement and wedding rings will play an important role, both on your wedding day and on all the days that follow, so why not choose a ring from a certified seller of diamonds?

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